Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station

Compress Natural Gas Fueling Facility

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Wednesday, October 8

Douglas is proud to have one of the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations in South Georgia! The CNG fueling station held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 8. The project finished ahead of schedule we have several companies that are currently fueling their fleets at our facility.

For more information about our CNG facility, call 912-389-3427.

CNG Brochure (PDF)

City of Douglas Converting Six Vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas

City of Douglas Converting Vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas and Natural Gas Tank

The City of Douglas Mayor and Board of Commissioners recently voted to convert 5 Dodge Chargers and 1 Freightliner Vehicle to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). City officials plan to convert more vehicles as time permits to help save on the fuel cost of the fleet of vehicles the city owns.

"We are committed to becoming a fuel efficient city and are setting an example by moving Douglas forward and transitioning some of our vehicles to run off Compressed Natural Gas," says City Manager Terrell Jacobs. "With the new CNG fueling facility open in Douglas we have access to this clean burning alternative to gasoline and plan to slowly transition our fleet so we keep our vehicles on the road at a lower fuel cost."

The City of Douglas Compressed Natural Gas facility opened in October. Compressed Natural Gas can be used in the place of gasoline, diesel fuel and propane/LPG. It is a domestic energy supply with 98% of its supply being produced in North America and is cleaner for the environment. Any existing gasoline vehicle can be converted to a dual-fuel (gasoline/CNG) vehicle. Currently, the city has a contract with Waste Industries to use the station and is open for public access. For more information about the Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station, please call the Natural Gas Department at 912-389-3427.

Group of Children Seated Next to Pickup With Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson, Natural Gas/Water/Wastewater Director, spoke with children at Indian Creek Elementary School about Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel source and about the new City of Douglas Compressed Natural Gas fueling facility. Children were able to see where compressed natural gas is pumped into the Natural Gas Department's CNG vehicle as well as hear tips about natural gas safety.

Mike Hudson Speaking to Group of Students

Indian Creek Elementary students learn about Compressed Natural Gas during National Gas Month.

Douglas CNG Groundbreaking Ceremony - Group Holding Shovels of Dirt

In March 2014, the City of Douglas held a groundbreaking at the site that will soon become one of the first compressed natural gas fueling stations in the south Georgia.

May 2014 - Construction is Underway!

CNG Progress

CNG Compressors and Equipment

June 2014 - Construction Continues...

Site with Bathroom Construction and Equipment

Canopy Poles and Equipment

July 2014 Construction continues...

CNG Progress in July 2014

August 2014 - Great News! Construction is ahead of schedule!

CNG Progress in August - Canopy is ready, fencing is going up

CNG Progress in August - Pumps are installed

CNG Progress in August - Canopy, pumps, and concrete complete