R.U.R.A.L. Zone

RURAL ZoneThe City of Douglas has been designated as a R.U.R.A.L. (Revitalizing Underdeveloped Rural Areas Legislation) Zone by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  The R.U.R.A.L. Zone designation is an incentive program designed to stimulate investment, job creation, and economic development in the historic downtown area. General criteria for designation include communities with a population of less than 15,000; a core downtown area with structures older than 50 years; evidence of blight or disinvestment in the downtown area; implementation of a strategic plan in the downtown area; and a completed market analysis, which indicates gaps within the local business makeup.

Douglas’ R.U.R.A.L. Zone designation will last five years, and activities to begin earning tax credits on January 1, 2020. The following is a summary of the programs three tax incentives:Downtown Graphic

  • Job Tax Credit, which offers $2,000 per new full-time equivalent job created
  • Investment Credit, which is equivalent to 25% of the purchase price of the building 
  • Rehabilitation Credit, which is equivalent to 30% of qualified rehabilitation costs.

Each of the three tax credits is dependent upon the creation of at least two new full-time equivalent jobs.

Link to Douglas RURAL Zone Information Brochure

Link to Douglas RURAL Zone Tax Credit Application Applicants should only complete Section One of the application and then return form to the Community Development Department.


Download the RURAL ZONE MAP (PDF)

Map WEB- Rural Zone Approved Areas with Street Names


For more information regarding the RURAL Zone, please contact:

Georgia Henderson
Community Development Director ghenderson@cityofdouglas.com
Dave Hughes
Main Street Coordinator